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Two projects derived from the content of


1. (left)

laser-print, masking tape, staples, OSB, screws, putty
48 x 48 x 77 inches

MITRE Room houses printouts of sections of, faithfully reproducing the navigational hierarchy of the original website. What is gained by making a digital place into a real architecture is offset by the way its physicality distorts and destroys the experience of the information displayed.


2. (above, right)

MITRE Tour (
HTML webpage with 62 embedded digital videos
dimensions variable

MITRE Tour re-creates sections of the website as digitally manipulated webcam videos. In each, I hold up an individual printout of a section of and read the text on the page. The videos are arranged in the same navigational hierarchy as the original website and play simultaneously. The text in the image reads:

"You are touring a building and the entity housed within. Each moment (room, area) of the tour and its incumbent information occurs in its own window, all simultaneous endlessly repeating videos. The architecture of the building is illustrated by the 2D arrangement of these windows. In the building, the walls of the rooms (each window or moment) are painted-over, sometimes displaying orange objects. Each moment is a reading of a page printed from a website, where this building originally exists. The building has been rebuilt for you here, in exploded form..."